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Health and smoke

         Don't  smoke ! smoking is dangerous to your health ! Smoking may cause cancer ! Smoking is a waste of money ! Warnings and signs everywhere , still a large number of people use tobacco .

         Some people chew it in the form of chewing tobacco . A few inhale it is a powder known as snuff . But most people smoke tobacco in cigarettes , cigars , and pipes .

          Smoking become common hundreds of years ago . At that time people didn't know that the smoking habit could harm their health . Today , however , people have a lot of information about the harmful effects of smoking . They already know that smoking can increase the heartbeat . It can produce a bad cough and make breathing difficult . Smoking destroys vitamins in the body . It even harms people who breathe in the smoke from another persons cigarette-passive smokers .

People are also given warnings about the more serious effects of smoking . It can lead to disease of both the circulatory and respiratory systems . Every year , about 30,000 people in Syria die from diseases related to smoking . People know these effects , yet they still smoke .