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Last gapes for smokers

             It was a normal day , and in their New York office , Ken Schwarz and his colleagues stopped for their coffee break . But while Ken's colleagues were able to sit at their desks and drinks their coffee , Ken had to go outside . He couldn't stay inside , because he wanted to smoke . If the smokers of the company want to enjoy a cigarette , the management has decided they must go out into the street or up onto the rooftops . Throughout the united states , the number of places where people are allowed to smoke has gradually become smaller and smaller . First it was banned on trains, buses and planes, then in public places such as theaters and airports . Now you can't smoke in any work place . Non- smokers are definitely winning the battle .                                                               " why should we breathe their smoke ? " they say .

           If they are lucky, smokers can still find some bars and restaurants where they can light up a cigarette, but it may soon be banned there, too . Anti - smokers  groups even think that smoking ought to be banned in people's homes . Under new plans you won't be able to smoke in any houses where there are more than ten visitors in a week ,or where there are children .

               In 1990 , nicotine was classed as a drug , like cocaine or heroine . In the country that gave tobacco to the world, smoking might one day be illegal . And then Ken will have to give up .